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Clean, timeless Norwegian design

Clean, timeless
Norwegian design

NOBØ is one of the largest electric heating appliances manufacturers in Europe. The factory's products include high-end and wide-ranging heating panels as well as room thermostats and heating accessories.

Economy in mind

szem előtt

The low cost of the heating panels allows for a low investment cost either for heating a single room or for heating a multi-storey multi-dwelling house. With this favorable investment cost, maintenance exemption and energy-efficient operation, it not only anticipates other electric heating systems in terms of economy, but also competes with any energy carrier.

Energy saving on the high end



In the heating panel, a special ceramic heating element ensures the lowest energy consumption that is controlled by an electronic thermostat. Thanks to this, we can accurately adjust the room temperature so there is no unnecessary energy consumption. The technology provides soundless operation.

Programming, controllability


Individual thermostats can be programmed or can be upgraded using state-of-the-art internet-based remote control. By programming, we can adjust the heating of our apartment or house to our lifestyle so we can achieve significant energy savings.

The smartphone-controlled heating system provides a solution that meets every need, anywhere in the world.

Quality, warranty

Minőség, garancia

NOBO products are not only Norwegian in design, but also in Norway, which guarantees the highest quality. The unique 5 + 5 year warranty also provides this. We offer a full warranty of 5 years and a 10-year heating insert guarantee for all products. In addition to the product warranty, we also believe that we have been successfully distributing NOBO devices for 24 years in Hungary and our company places great emphasis on high quality services.

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